Network monitoring software with streaming technology

Provides rapid collection of full equipment status information for high-load data networks with a complex service structure without increasing load/interference to the underlying traffic.

There are only few solutions in the global market for effective monitoring of such networks.


Network hardware generates a lot of poorly structured events

The monitoring system generates extra load on the network equipment

Complex service structure with overlay networks is not supported by classical data collection protocols

$ 25 000 000
– Cost the Apple Store 12-hours of downtime (2015)
$150 000 0000
– Delta Airlines lost out on a five-hour downtime at its data center, which forced the cancellation of 2,000 flights (2016)
$90 000 000
– Cost Facebook a 14-hour social media outage (2019)
$1 000 0000
– such cost per hour of IT hardware downtime is confirmed by 44% of companies (2021)

we provide

More on key technologies

Along with the widespread SNMP protocol, we use new streaming data collection and transmission technologies Streaming Telemetry (Native, YANG) – which use special algorithms to ensure the highest efficiency and speed.

Our solution uses machine learning techniques anomaly detection and analysis; prediction – for early response and decision support.

Streaming Telemetry

A technology that is supported by the majority of modern network equipment vendors, including Huawei, Cisco, Juniper and Arista. The technology uses a different approach to collecting data from network equipment (push method) and takes telemetry collection to a new level.

YANG (OpenConfig)

The technology allows to unify configuration files for network equipment of different vendors, create a hierarchical structure from them and apply the principle of “network configuration – as a program code”.


network (2)
  • Data collection in streaming mode (gRPC, HTTP, REST)

  • Configuration collection

  • Incoming data filtering

  • Multi-processing of data streams (Address Resolution, Bridge Domain, DHCP, DNS, Discovery Protocols, Fabric, Feature Management, Flow, Host Mobility, ICMP, IP Fabric for Media, Interface Statistics, Interfaces, Kubernetes, Layer 2, Layer 3, Link Aggregation, Management, NX-SDK, Network Management, Network Virtualization, Power over Ethernet, Qos, Routing and Forwarding, Security and Policing, System)

  • Normalize to predefined data types

  • Separation of monitored parameters from the data stream

  • Save data array of into a “Storage” module

  • Data storage with REST API – provides the ability to work with data in JSON format
  • Fast response to archive data requests
  • ElasticSearch database – provides tools for quick data recording and indexing, horizontal scaling, a flexible system of data storage settings and built-in security features
  • Supports multi-threading information recording

Flexible output of data and parameters

  • Analysis of journals and time series
  • Monitoring of current processes
  • Built-in aggregators and filters

Adaptive output structure

  • Bar Charts and Line Charts
  • Pie charts
  • Heat maps
  • Interactive Charts
  • Built-in geospatial support

Reporting for Managers and Executives

  • Resource analysis (by key metrics)
  • Evaluating the efficiency of network equipment utilization by individual elements
  • Forecast of sufficiency of the available network equipment for several quarters in advance
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